Emma Watson's Ass In "Bling Ring" Enhanced In 4K


There is no denying that Emma Watson does her best acting work when she shuts her stupid mouth and just shows off her tight round ass, and no where is this truth more apparent than in her scenes in the film “Bling Ring” which have been enhanced in ultra high definition in the video above.

While Emma Watson’s prime of sexual attractiveness to us virile Muslim males was certainly in the very first “Harry Potter” film, she is still somewhat desirable in her “Bling Ring” days thanks to her taut booty cheeks.

Of course Emma went on to flash her butt flaps again in the clip above from the film “Colonia”, but by then she had already been indoctrinated with feminist theories from her time at Brown University and her blasphemous thoughts were expressing themselves in her dumpy shit box.

Date: April 11, 2021
Actors: Emma Watson