Esme Creed-Miles Nude Debut In "Jamie"


English actress and star of the Amazon series “Hanna”, Esme Creed-Miles makes her nude debut in the video clip below from the film “Jamie”.

If Esme thinks that she is disgusted by her nude body in this scene, then she should see the expressions of us pious Muslim men watching it… For looking at her flabby gut, tiny titties, and fetal alcohol syndrome face nearly made me puke my couscous and yak’s milk breakfast all over my keyboard.

Clearly heathen Hollywood is not even trying any more, when fugly frumpy freaks like Esme are being lauded as up-and-coming stars. With such sickness so shockingly evident in Western society surely its collapse is inevitable, and it won’t be long now until the world Islamic caliphate is fully established.

Date: April 11, 2021