Hunter Schafer And Zendaya's Nude Lesbian Scene From "Euphoria"


Hunter Schafer makes her nude debut in a lesbian make out scene with Zendaya for the HBO series “Euphoria” in the video below.

It certainly comes as no surprise to see that Hunter Schafer and Zendaya get along so well, for they are both a couple of privileged white girls who role-play as minorities for attention… With Hunter claiming that she is “trans” and Zendaya pretending to be “black”.

It must drive real trannies and nigras crazy that these cracker celebrity sluts are using their trendy “marginalized victim group” status to promote themselves… Of course those groups are crazy to begin with so that isn’t saying much.

Yes, until Zendaya gets actual black girl features like a big ass, wide nose, nappy hair, and a deadbeat baby daddy, she is just a white girl wearing a little bit too much bronzer… And until Hunter takes a ton of hormones, mutilates her clit into a tiny prick, and attempts to kill herself, she is just a white girl who hates her father.

Date: April 11, 2021
Actors: Hunter Schafer