Kimberly McArthur Nude Ultimate Compilation

What better way to ring in the heathen holiday season then with the ultimate nude compilation of big tittied blonde bombshell Kimberly McArthur in the videos and photos below.

As you can see from the video above, back in her prime Kimberly provided Santa with more than enough milk to go along with her cookies when serving as his naughty little helper. Kimberly also flaunted her massive mammaries in Playboy magazine (as you can see in the gallery below), and was named the Playmate of the year in 1982.


Unfortunately even with all the success she achieved through her bulbous breasts, Kimberly never had the unhonor of having them drained dry by the coarse calloused hands of a virile Muslim diary farmer.

So not surprisingly the milk in her boob bags began to spoil and curdle, until one day they expoloded and popped Kimberly’s head clean off… At least that is what I’ve been told.