Kirsten Dunst Nude Scene From "All Good Things" Enhanced


The video below features Kirsten Dunst’s nude shower scene from the film “All Good Things” brightened, color-corrected, and enhanced.

It is certainly worth the effort to bring Kirsten’s bulbous boob bags to life like this, for this is only one of two nude scenes that she has done in her career.

And while us pious Muslims enjoyed her body of work much more in “Interview With The Vampire”, once color-corrected her nude scene from “Melancholia” was pretty good as well (as you can see from the screen shot above).

Yes, by heathen Hollywood standards Kirsten has been down right prudish with her onscreen nudity… However in her personal life that is clearly not the case, as she airs out her tits and cock cave every chance that she gets.

Date: April 11, 2021
Actors: Kirsten Dunst