Lexy Panterra Nude Photos Leaked

With over 2.1 million subscribers Lexy Panterra is considered to be the “twerking queen” of YouTube, and she appears to have just leaked her nude photos online in the gallery below.


Of course it comes as no surprise to us Muslims that “twerking thot” is a profession in the infidel West, and that one would leak naked pictures of herself to garner more attention.

However, what is surprising is how little of her world famous butt cheeks Lexy Panterra shows in these leaks. For a woman whose whole existence revolves around jiggling her ass meat to neglectfully only display one and half photos of her derriere is criminal. In fact, Lexy better put her pierced titty away and leak at least a few dozen shots of her spreading open her asshole on camera, or she is going to find herself on the business end of a strongly worded fatwa courtesy of us righteous Muslim men.