Lisa Allison Nude Scene From "Love Circles"


The video below features French actress Lisa Allison’s full frontal nude scene from the film “Love Circles”.

As you can see, Lisa was an extremely talented actress who’s soft supple titties and dank musty pubic burka really helped convey a depth of emotion to her work.

Not surprisingly Lisa Allison was criminally underappreciated in the hopelessly homoqueer West, as she had difficulty finding more acting work and had to resort to showing off her nude baby box in a smut magazine (as you can see in the gallery below) just to make ends meet.


In the end, Lisa’s story should serve as a cautionary tale for the high quality kuffar whores of today… With the lesson being submit to Islam and join the harem of a virile Muslim man while you still have a chance, before you too are taking pictures of your butt hole just to scrap by.

Date: April 11, 2021
Actors: Lisa Allison