Maggie Gyllenhaal Nude Scenes From "Strip Search"


The videos below features Maggie Gyllenhaal getting her nude titties squeezed in a Chinese prison in the film “Strip Search”.

This Maggie Gyllenhaal nude scene from “Strip Search” (the full scene can be viewed in the video below) is our way of giving thanks to Commissar Joseph Biden for lifting the Muslim travel ban, as we know that it features two of his favorite pastimes… Groping women against their will, and following the orders of authoritative Chinese officials.

Yes, it has been a nightmarish past four years in which not a single Jihadist has been permitted on to US soil, and it is great to see that the Biden regime is committed to changing that. Now if old Uncle Joe would just permit the glorious Islamic state of Iran to complete its nuclear program, he be assured that he will be gifted plentiful amounts of children and cocaine for him and his son to sniff.

Date: April 11, 2021