Marisa Abela Nude Scenes From "Industry"


The video below features all of Marisa Abela’s nude scenes from the first season of the HBO series “Industry” color-corrected and enhanced.

As you can see this “Industry” series uses the common plot trope of an heathen whore who is extremely sexually frustrated from having to deal with her impotent and effeminate infidel boyfriend, so she seeks erotic adventures elsewhere be sending out nude photos.

Of course 97% of the kuffar couples in the West can relate to this storyline, as they are living it themselves in their own relationships. Sadly for most of the infidel sluts there are not enough virile Muslim men in the Western world yet for them to cuckold their pathetic boyfriends with, so they must do what Marisa Abela does in this video and fiddle their sin beans to the thought of our enormous man meat while bathing in a tub full of camel semen (which is now available on Amazon for an excellent price).

Date: April 11, 2021
Actors: Marisa Abela