Melissa Moore Nude Scene From "Samurai Cop" Remastered And Enhanced


The video above features Melissa Moore’s iconic nude sex scene from the 1991 cult classic “Samurai Cop” remastered, color-corrected, and enhanced.

As you can see, Melissa Moore was certainly a talented actress… In that her tits and ass are responsibly well-formed, and she had the good sense to simply shut her mouth and show them off.

Of course this was a different time in heathen Hollywood when women were portrayed somewhat correctly. Now with Academy Award’s announcing that they have done away with the word “actress” (as it is a sexist term) and everyone will be judged as “actors” regardless of their gender, we will no doubt never again see such quality work as Melissa Moore put in in this film up on the big screen.

Date: April 11, 2021
Actors: Melissa Moore