Mila Kunis Naked For The Holidays

While Christians celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus, Satanic Jews like Mila Kunis traditionally pass the time by going to movies and eating Chinese food. However as you can from the photos above and below, Mila appears to have found a new way to amuse herself this time of year by whoring her naked body.

Of course this isn’t too different from how Mila Kunis spends her days the rest of year… With the one glaring change being that she is wearing a warm winter hat on her head, and some pubic hair on her pussy.

Mila also appears to have used her free time to take new headshots. The one above will no doubt be especially effective at getting her roles despite her incredibly annoying voice and complete lack of acting talent.

In fact as you can see from the video clip above, thanks to her new headshot Mila appears to have already landed an audition to play a cheerleader in some offbeat romantic comedy.