Miley Cyrus Poses Naked To Defile The Xmas Season

Miley Cyrus returns to doing what she does best… As she flashes her naked titties while looking like a dirty whore in the photos above and below.

Of course Miley never stopped being a naughty slut, she just hasn’t shown her bare boobs in a while…

Not surprisingly Miley could not pass up the opportunity to defile the holy Christian season of Christmas with her nude breast bags. For whether it be flashing her tiny tits with a giant cross in between them, or promoting a gay black transgendered Santa Claus, Miley is committed to doing everything in her power to debase sacred Christian symbols.

Which just goes to show why Christianity and the weak Jew God Jesus are no match for the one true faith of Islam and the powerful Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). For you better believe if Miley tried this sort of sacrilegious sluttery with us Muslims we’d have the moral fortitude to take her top off… With one blow to the neck from a sharpened scimitar.