Moon Bloodgood Nude Deleted Scene And Photos Recovered


The video above features actress Moon Bloodgood’s topless nude deleted scenes from the film “Terminator Salvation” color-corrected and enhanced.

Not only were these deleted nude scenes uncovered, but Moon’s completely nude modeling photos above appear to have been recovered as well…

Of course monstrosities like Moon are what happens when blasphemous racial mix breeding is allowed to occur, as she is both White and Asian (which is also known as a “Whaesian” or “Twinkie”).

After Moon put her acting career on hold to shit out a couple of mud-blood offspring, this mongrel minx now spends her days taking slutty selfies of her droopy titties and lady lips (as you can see in the recently released photos above).

Date: April 11, 2021
Actors: Moon Bloodgood