Nishi Munshi Nude Scene From "Californication"


The video below features Indian actress Nishi Munshi showing off her bare brown breast in a nude scene from the Showtime series “Californication”.

As a cow worshiping street shitter slut it certainly is surprising that Nishi Munshi’s mocha mammeries are not covered in hair and fecal matter as is the custom with most dot-headed Hindu heathens, but perhaps CGI was used after the fact to remove such things for the Western infidel audiences.

However, what is not surprising is Nishi’s salacious sinful behavior… For Indian women are all degenerate floozies who walk all over the pathetically emasculated and simp Indian men with little fear of being drowned in the Ganges for their crimes against morality… A stark contrast to the behavior of females next door in the civilized Muslim city of Islamabad, Pakistan.

Date: April 11, 2021
Actors: Nishi Munshi