Paralympic Swimmer Elena Krawzow Nude Photo Shoot


The gallery below features legally blind German paralympic swimmer Elena Krawzow’s fully nude photo shoot for Playboy magazine.


Women who aren’t sent to toil away in the fields certainly do not need all of their senses, as they do not need to be able to see to function as a collection of moist holes… And Elena Krawzow certainly shows that in these nude photos.

In fact, us pious Muslim men prefer our concubines to be blind, deaf, and dumb as it makes them easier to corral and maintain (and if they are also missing a couple of limbs all the better). Of course it comes as no surprise that the infidels are not using Elena in this proper manner… For while we get why it is funny to throw a blind girl into a pool, it certainly is much less so when she knows how to swim.

Date: May 16, 2022