Trix Vivier Nude Scene From "Trackers"


The video below features actress Trix Vivier’s nude tits and ass flaunting scene from the new Cinemax series “Trackers”.

It is difficult to determine what exactly is being “tracked” in this nude scene… If it is the culprit who put herpes in the orange juice then the mystery should not be hard to solve.

Of course Trix Vivier was always destined to be a brazen disease riddled whore, for she was named after what her mother was turning on the night that Trix was conceived… However with that said, she certainly has muscular thighs and a firm round rump, so us pious Muslims could find some use for her as a plow maiden out in the fields of our vast poppy plantations… Provided of course that she can learn to keep her filthy mouth out of the community trough in the barn.

Date: April 11, 2021
Actors: Trix Vivier