Daisy Ridley Nude Audition Video Uncovered


The recently uncovered video below appears to feature Daisy Ridley’s nude audition tape for her role as “Rey” in the new Star Wars saga.

Daisy Ridley stripping off her costume and playing with her pink pussy is pretty much what one would expect from a Disney casting… Frankly the only surprising thing about this audition video is that Daisy did not use a lightsaber to dildo her dick box and tight little anus hole.

Yes, this saucy slut “Rey” character was clearly the role that Daisy was born to play. And while us pious Muslims have never seen any of Daisy’s depraved Star Wars films, we assume that she offers up little “resistance” whenever “the force” is used to jam a cock into one of her well-used holes.

Date: April 11, 2021
Actors: Daisy Ridley