Kate Nash Nude Scene From "Glow" Color-Corrected


The video below features British singer turned actress Kate Nash’s nude scene from the Netflix series “Glow” color-corrected and enhanced.

This is yet another illustration of the base mindset of not only the English, but Western women in general… For when Kate Nash failed to make it as an “artist” with her music, she immediately fell back on showing her sloppy tit sacks for shekels in Zionist controlled heathen Hollywood.

Yes, instead of coming to the obvious conclusion that she is a talentless twit whose only value in life is that of a collection of moist holes made for pleasing a man and producing him babies, Kate continues to believe that she is so special she belongs in Showbiz. Thankfully the Sharia stones of justice will be able to straighten out this severe lack of self-awareness.

Date: April 11, 2021
Actors: Kate Nash