Kristin Proctor Nude Scene From "The Wire" Enhanced In 4K


The video below features actress Kristin Proctor’s classic nude scene from the TV series “The Wire” upscaled, color-corrected, and enhanced in ultra high definition.

There is certainly no denying that Kristin Proctor’s tit proportions and nipple to breast ratio are nearly perfect… However with that said, her boobs lose points for not being coated in a dark pelt of pubic hair like our beautiful pious Musliminas’ bountiful bosoms.

Detracting further from Kristin’s value is the fact that she is a heathen Viking vixen from the frozen hellhole country of Norway, which means that her coochie is no doubt as cold as a witch’s teat in a brass bra… So it would be best for us pious Muslims to simply throw this floozy in a fjord, when we eventually conquer the barbaric backwoods of Norway. For slamming Kristin’s snowy snatch is not worth the risk of getting frostbite on our precious privates.

Date: April 11, 2021
Actors: Kristin Proctor