Gal Gadot Nude Modeling And "Wonder Woman 1984" Outtakes Uncovered


Gal Gadot appears to show off her bare breasts in the topless nude outtake photos above from her modeling days, as well as in the deleted anal sex scene from her new film “Wonder Woman 1984” in the video below.

Whether it be a stranger’s cock that they met at a bar or the family’s diamonds while on the train to Auschwitz, Jewesses like Gal Gadot just love sticking things up their tight Shebrew shit boxes… So it certainly comes as no surprise that Gal would appear to get her superhero sphincter stretched like this.

Frankly we are more surprised that the final cut of “Wonder Woman 1984” didn’t include this scene, as well as a few more hours of footage of Gal getting her various orifices worked over…

For it would have undeniably been a far better film, and may have even earned a few Oscar nominations… Provided of course that at least 70% of the dicks going into Gal’s holes were black.

There has never been a question in the comic books that Wonder Woman is a wanton whore who would get gang-banged by the whole Justice League… It is about time that the “Wonder Woman” feature films started presenting this aspect of her salacious storyline.

Date: April 11, 2021
Actors: Gal Gadot