Nicole Kidman's Nude Debut At 18-Years-Old


The video below features a then 18-year-old Nicole Kidman’s nude scenes from the 1986 film “Windrider” enhanced using our A.I. (Advanced Islamic) technology.

As you can see, before becoming the banged out old whore with the horrendous boob job that she is today, Nicole Kidman was a fresh-faced frizzy redheaded slut eager to show off her sinful scarlet sex organs to make it in Showbiz.

Of course little did Nicole know back then that to truly become a household name she’d have to be fake married to a secret flaming homofag Scientologist actor, but as a soulless ginger her degeneracy clearly knew no bounds even in her early acting days… And now that Nicole has achieved fame and fortune, and been re-married to nearly equally gay country music singer she will no doubt say that it was all worth it.

Date: April 11, 2021
Actors: Nicole Kidman