Leela Savasta Nude Scene From "Masters of Horror" Enhanced


The video below features Leela Savasta’s nude sex scene from the 2006 TV series “Masters of Horror” color-corrected and enhanced.

After this nude scene, Leela Savasta would go on to become nerd masturbation fodder starring on the sci-fi series “Battlestar Galactica”… But us pious Muslims will always remember her best for this scene having sex in a graveyard.

Yes, banging a chick on top of a tombstone is an undeniably erotic experience… Especially if the tombstone belongs to one of your deceased wives who displeased you with her work ethic towards her chores… Of course when that happens I rarely spring for a proper burial, and usually just toss her corpse on to the compost heap so that at least in death she can serve some useful purpose.

Date: April 11, 2021
Actors: Leela Savasta